What to Expect in Your Bankruptcy Consultation

bankruptcyAsking for help in any area of life can be scary, but especially so with your finances. For some, it may even feel irresponsible to seek assistance from someone else in regards to your money. For millions of Americans, however, doing so has been the difference between financial freedom and lifelong debt.

We understand that it is never easy to come to grips with an unfavorable bank account. You may be knee-deep in debt and wondering how you will ever pay your bills back, but we believe there is hope for your future.

Our team wants to formulate the best possible strategy for your unique circumstances. No two cases are the same, which is why we never approach you with a one-size-fits-all plan. Your bankruptcy consultation is the first place where we will address your situation and listen to your concerns.

Your Bankruptcy Debt Assessment
The purpose of your initial consultation is for your attorney to get to know your financial situation and for you to get some guidance on how you can deal with your debts. Depending on where you are in the decision making process, and how complicated your debt problems are.

Your attorney will ask you some information about your finances:
• Who do you owe money to?
• What is the amount of debt you owe?
• What do you own?
• What is your income and living expenses?

Things To Tell Your Bankruptcy Attorney
Your bankruptcy attorney will ask you a lot of questions in order to fully understand your situation however, since each person’s problems are unique, be sure and tell your attorney about any of the following:
• If you have previously filed bankrupt so your attorney can advise you on how this will affect your bankruptcy requirements.
• If you have recently sold any assets or repaid any debts (other than normal monthly payments) as these may be seen to be preferential transactions by your creditors.
• If you have received, or may receive, notice of a wage garnishment.

Being worried about the bankruptcy consultation and the entire bankruptcy process is normal, but there is really nothing to worry about. Having the knowledge about what to expect during the process can help calm your nerves and make you more comfortable throughout your bankruptcy. To learn more about our bankruptcy services, contact the Law Offices of Dominick Rendina.


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