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Bankruptcy – A “Fresh Start”

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Every year, millions of American individuals and businesses from all walks of life and economic backgrounds file for bankruptcy due to insurmountable financial distress. Federal Bankruptcy Laws provide a “fresh start” when the burden of overwhelming and crushing debt impedes a person’s or business’ ability to repay that debt. The “Fresh Start” concept encompasses the statutory purpose of allowing individuals who become so entrenched in debt to free themselves and begin again in newly fruitful lives unimpaired by their past financial problems. This concept avoids the permanent barrier that would prevent a person from ever becoming reestablished as a hard-working member of society, motivated to find a good life and achieve the American dream. Our system of government has created this federal program because it understands that sometimes devastating economic events outside of one’s control can occur.

Bankruptcy can shine a light on the path out of the darkness of an unexpected financial drain that may come from a sudden job loss or a long and debilitating illness or the compounding and endless usury type finance charges and behavior of credit card companies. Whatever your circumstances or situation, remember that bankruptcy can provide you with a new beginning. At the Law Offices of Dominick Rendina, we provide compassionate assistance and relief and we are prepared to help you move forward with your life.

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