What to Expect in Your Bankruptcy Consultation

bankruptcyAsking for help in any area of life can be scary, but especially so with your finances. For some, it may even feel irresponsible to seek assistance from someone else in regards to your money. For millions of Americans, however, doing so has been the difference between financial freedom and lifelong debt.

We understand that it is never easy to come to grips with an unfavorable bank account. You may be knee-deep in debt and wondering how you will ever pay your bills back, but we believe there is hope for your future. Continue reading What to Expect in Your Bankruptcy Consultation

Legal Separation or Divorce?

legal-separationA married person can obtain either a divorce or a legal separation. A divorce, sometimes referred to as a dissolution depending on the particular state you reside in, is a court action a person files to legally end his or her marriage. However, in a legal separation, the parties are still married, typically living in separate households, and cannot legally remarry.

How Legal Separation Differs From Divorce
While a divorce decree signifies that a marriage has ended, a decree of legal separation outlines the rights and obligations of a married couple who are no longer living as a traditionally married couple. The rights and obligations between legally separated spouses can include child custody agreements, child support orders, alimony, division of property, and more. Continue reading Legal Separation or Divorce?

Personal Injury Attorney: How to Choose the Right One

personal-injuryHiring the right personal injury attorney can make or break your case. If you are suffering from an injury due to the fault of another, it is important to consider the following guidelines when choosing a personal injury attorney to handle your case.

Ideally, you want to find a personal injury attorney who lives nearby. While it is by no means a requirement, it is definitely easier to work with a lawyer who is located nearby for meetings and for court appearances as well. Communication with your lawyer is extremely important and communication is usually better accomplished in-person. Continue reading Personal Injury Attorney: How to Choose the Right One

Will vs. Living Trust: What is Best for You?

will-and-trustEveryone should have a either a will or trust because without one, the courts rely on statutes within the state to determine what happens to your estate. Even if there is no individual that you wish to leave your property to, it is often preferred to leave it to charity rather than the possibility of the government taking all or some of your estate.

Benefits Of A Will
• Name beneficiaries for property
• Revise said document
• Name a guardian or guardians for your children
• Name property managers for your children’s property
• Name an executor
• Leave instructions on how all taxes and debts should be paid Continue reading Will vs. Living Trust: What is Best for You?

Protect Your Children From Divorce Drama

divorceConflict that lingers between divorcing parents can hurt your children in the long run. Being successful at the job of being a divorced parent requires finding ways to deal with any contempt for or anger towards your ex, and support your children’s relationship with their other parent. It is important to learn how to manage your feelings about your spouse so you can co-parent your children effectively.

Avoid Bad Mouthing
There is simply no reason to trash the other parent or his extended family in front of your children. Bad mouthing usually serves only to ratchet up negative feelings.

Avoid Having A Negative Attitude
Kids can feel conflict in the air, whether or not it is spoken. If you simply cannot tolerate the sight of your ex without eye-rolling, snarky comments, or menacing gestures, refrain from being in that person’s company in front of your children. Continue reading Protect Your Children From Divorce Drama

Considerations Regarding Non-Solicitation Agreements

practice_business_lawCovenants Not to Solicit

Covenants not to solicit are specific agreements whereby a person agrees they will not solicit or hire employees of his or her prior employer, or agrees not to solicit or enter into a contract with his prior employer’s clients and/or customers.

  • Non-Solicitation of Employees
  • Non-Solicitation of Customers, Customer Prospects, and Vendors

As with non-compete covenants, correctly drafting a non-solicitation covenant is key to enforceability should the employer require to take this action in the future. If you choose to mandate the signing of a non-solicitation agreement for new hires, you should disclose early in the interview process that a non-solicitation clause is a requirement of the job to avoid any perception of coercion. The employee should have an opportunity to factor this information into the decision to accept or refuse the employment offer. Continue reading Considerations Regarding Non-Solicitation Agreements

Disability Insurance Programs and How They Differ

disability-insuranceDisability Insurance Programs ERISA, SSDI, SSI

If you become disabled, you should be aware of where you can turn. Your current and past work situation impacts the direction you should take. We will briefly discuss three of the most common alternatives; ERISA, SSDI, and SSI.


The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) is a federal law that sets minimum standards for pension plans in private industry. Group disability insurance plans provided by employers fall under ERISA.

The eligibility for long-term disability regulated by ERISA can be very similar to eligibility requirements Continue reading Disability Insurance Programs and How They Differ

Time is of the Essence Provision in a Construction Contract

construction-lawTime is of the Essence Provision

When a timely completion of a construction project is important, the construction contract may include some form of a scheduling requirement. The more sophisticated the project, the more likely the project timeline commitments will be specifically stated in the agreement.

This contractual provision is commonly referred to as “time is of the essence”.

The level that a court will enforce a “time is of the essence” provision will depend upon several factors, such as the intent of the parties based on the language used in the contract and the circumstances of the event. Continue reading Time is of the Essence Provision in a Construction Contract

Considerations Before Filing Bankruptcy

practice_estateIs Bankruptcy Necessary for Me?

There are many factors that enter into this decision. Some questions that indicate the telltale signs that you may need bankruptcy assistance would be:Bankruptcy, Debt Relief, Rodriguez Rendina, Attorney At Law

  • Are there pending events that will cause severe harm to your financial future.
  • Are you at risk of a pending foreclosure, bank execution or lawsuits?
  • Are you the guarantor of debt that is past due?
  • Are your personal needs being impacted by minimum credit card payments.

And then there is the stress of being unable to make payments when due? The psychological effect of not being able to meet your financial commitments is also a factor in the decision. Continue reading Considerations Before Filing Bankruptcy

Effect of Bankruptcy on Your Debt

debt-leading-to-bankruptcyPersonal Bankruptcy and Debt Connecticut – New York

Personal Bankruptcy recognizes two forms of debt. These forms are secured and unsecured.

Secured debts are those protected or guaranteed by some form of collateral, usually another property such as a car or home. An unsecured debt has no collateral or lien to protect the creditors from the debt you owe if you should default.

Unsecured debts are the most common debts and are typically things like credit cards and charges that retailers may extend. Most unsecured debts are dischargeable in bankruptcy and even judgments that may have been obtained by unsecured debtors may be discharged.Debt Leading to Bankruptcy

However, debts that are dischargeable depend on the type of bankruptcy filed; Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. Continue reading Effect of Bankruptcy on Your Debt


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