Who Will Know If I File Bankruptcy

clock-bannerIf you find yourself with overwhelming debt, Bankruptcy may be an alternative. However, the question arises of “who will know?”.Bankruptcy, Dominick Rendina, Attorney At Law, Connecticut

Bankruptcy is a public filing. Ultimately, if someone wants to find out about your filing they can though a public record or internet search.

However, friends, family and even employers that are not part of the bankruptcy will not receive notice that you have filed.

In addition, creditors are not permitted to contact third parties about your debt. This means they cannot contact your friend, neighbors, family or employers in any way related to your debt and this would apply to your filing of bankruptcy. Once a bankruptcy petition is filed, the “automatic stay” goes into effect and creditors are prohibited from calling you. The “automatic stay” is what it sounds like: all creditors to whom you owe money are prohibited from calling you writing you or contacting you in any manner in reference to the uncollected debt. In fact, any contact with the consumer directly or indirectly after you file for bankruptcy is a direct violation of the bankruptcy ‘stay’ as well as the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). Continue reading Who Will Know If I File Bankruptcy

Common Reasons for a Construction Contractor to Experience a Contract Dispute

domick-rendina-medalionFor a construction contractor, a successful construction project begins and ends with a properly drafted and negotiated construction contract. However, disputes may still arise from even the most carefully drafted contracts.Dominick Rendina, Attorney At Law

The most common source of a dispute is from the differing interpretation as to the meaning of an aspect of the contact, such as the degree of performance required to satisfy completion or lack thereof.

Some of the most common issues that arise in construction disputes are:

  • DELAY: A party’s profit is directly related to that party’s ability to perform according to their calculated time.
  • CHANGED CONDITIONS: Changed conditions on construction projects can arise from issues that were not known or disclosed at the time the parties entered into contract.
  • SCHEDULING: Scheduling changes or conflicts directly affect a party’s performance and the ability to properly allocate manpower in an efficient manner.

Continue reading Common Reasons for a Construction Contractor to Experience a Contract Dispute

Small Business Owners Should Consider Developing an Estate Plan

practice_estateThe Kauffman Foundation Fast Facts states that contrary to popularly held assumptions, the highest rate of entrepreneurial activity belongs to the 55-64 age group over the past decade.

It is becoming increasingly more important for business owners at this age to consider developing an Estate Plan.

Estate Planning, Dominick Rendina, Attorney At Law

Estate and Retirement Planning describes Estate Planning as inventorying your assets and making a will and/or establishing a trust, often with an emphasis on minimizing taxes. Continue reading Small Business Owners Should Consider Developing an Estate Plan

Types of Permanent Employment Based Visa Categories

practice_immimgration_lawPermanent Visas: Employment-based Connecticut

If you are seeking employment in the United States you will need authorization by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to do so. Obtaining a work visa or green card from the USCIS requires proper documentation and strict compliance with U.S. laws and regulations.

Below are examples of the more common categories of Visas for this purpose.

Employment-Based Visas (Green Card) Continue reading Types of Permanent Employment Based Visa Categories

Connecticut Home Improvement Act Requirements

construction-lawHome Improvement Construction Connecticut

The Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection Home Improvement Act specifically regulates the improvement of construction and construction related trades on residential homes in the State of Connecticut.Construction Law, Dominick Rendina

The home improvement act was enacted to protect the rights of consumers by mandating that all contractors and subcontractors register as home improvement contractors prior to engaging in home improvements. In fact, very few contractors realize that failure to comply with the registration and other requirements is a criminal offense. Continue reading Connecticut Home Improvement Act Requirements

Responsibility of an S Corporation Election for Small Business

practice_business_lawS Corporation Election in Connecticut for Small Business

Selecting the type of corporate form that best suits an emerging company depends on factors such as the corporate purpose and products or services. These factors will dictate what corporate form would be the most beneficial. Some examples of these forms are Limited Liability Company (LLC), Limited Partnership (LP), a C Corporation, or an S Corporation.Dominick Rendina, Business Law, Connecticut

The S Corporation is an alternative for small businesses that is often considered. One of the main benefits to electing an S corporation is to provide liability protection to officers, directors and shareholders. However, it must be noted that the S Corporation must comply with State requirements regarding organization and operation of corporations, often the same as a C Corporation. Improper setup or execution of the corporation can result in personal exposure. Continue reading Responsibility of an S Corporation Election for Small Business

What Step To Take After Incurring Personal Injury

practice_personal_injury_lawPersonal Injury

Personal injury is a broad term for injuries to a person caused by the negligence of another. Personal injuries can be physical or mental impairments that cause financial harm to an individual as opposed toDominick Rendina, Attorney At Law, Personal Injury, Connecticut property damage. Personal injury cases stem from car, truck and motorcycle accidents, to product or premises liability, boating, aviation and construction site accidents to name a few. If death occurs as a result of personal injuries, these cases are referred to under law as wrongful death. Continue reading What Step To Take After Incurring Personal Injury

When is Bankruptcy Necessary?

practice_estateIs Bankruptcy Necessary?

When stress mounts from the burden of mounting debt, the question of bankruptcy enters your mind as a possible alternative. That is when professional, calm, compassionate, and knowledgeable assistance is required.

There are many factors that enter into this decision. Some questions that indicate the telltale signs that an individual may need bankruptcy assistance would be:Bankruptcy, Dominick Rendina, Attorney At Law

Are your personal needs being impacted by minimum credit card payments. For instance, are you avoiding the purchase of medication to make the minimum payment on the credit cards and other installment debts? Or are you considering surrendering or selling a vehicle, but because the loan payoff amount is too high you continue to make monthly payments? You may now be using cash advances to make the minimum payments. Continue reading When is Bankruptcy Necessary?


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