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  • Corporate Formation
  • LLC Formation
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Employment Issues
  • Covenants Not to Compete
  • Drafting & Negotiating Contracts
  • Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Limited Liability Company/Limited Partnership/ C Corporation/ S Corporation

Selecting the type of corporate form that best suits an emerging company depends on factors such as the corporate purpose and/or products or services. These factors will dictate what corporate form would be the most beneficial for tax purposes. We can advise clients on the benefits and negatives of several corporate forms such as Limited Liability Company (LLC), Limited Partnership (LP), a C Corporation, or an S Corporation. The main benefit to forming a corporation or separate entity is to provide liability protection to officers, directors and shareholders. Improper setup of the corporation can result in personal exposure to shareholder, officers, directors and owners. Once we have determined the proper corporate form for your business we can prepare all necessary documentation and file then with the State of Connecticut.

Employment Issues

Employment issues between employer and employees can arise from many aspects in a business; as that business expands so do employment based issues. It is imperative to an expanding business that there is a clear understanding of responsibilities between employer and employees to minimize misunderstandings and lawsuits. When issues do arise we are prepared to resolve issues and if necessary litigate to protect your rights and interests.

Covenants Not To Compete

A no-compete covenant is an agreement whereby a person or business entity agrees to refrain from engaging in some form of sale of a product or service within a defined geographic area for a specifically defined period of time. For example, upon being hired, a sales employee may agree that he would refrain from HVAC products within a specific range of his employer for a period of time if that employee should become discharged or quit his job. No-compete clauses must be drafted carefully to ensure that they will be enforceable if necessary and prevent language that may result in a court from disqualifying the agreement.

Covenants Not to Solicit

Covenants not to solicit are specific agreements whereby a person agrees they will not solicit or hire employees of his or her prior employer, or agrees not to solicit or enter into a contract with his prior employer’s clients and/or customers. As with non-compete covenants, correct drafting of this covenant is key to enforceability should the employer require to take this action in the future. We work closely with your business to find the type of covenant that is most beneficial to your interest.


Properly drafted contracts are the lifeline to achieving the corporate purpose and business success. Improperly drafted agreements can damage your bottom line. At the Law office of Dominick Rendina we are prepared to, review, negotiate and draft contracts and leases; handle acquisitions; and advise on numerous contract-related issues.

Registered Agent Services

New York and Connecticut business entities require a registered agent to be assigned for purposes of designated service upon the entity. Registered agents are required by statute for both domestic and foreign corporations doing business in the States of New York and Connecticut.

Disputes and Litigation

No matter how carefully you prepare and plan, many business deals and issues can end up in litigation. Litigation is extremely expense, unpleasant and can be potentially damaging to your reputation and your business. At the Law Offices of Dominick Rendina, we will work side by side with you to resolve disputes and prevent or minimize time in court.



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