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How Long Will My Divorce Take?

divorceNo one enters a marriage with the idea that it is going to end in divorce. However, for many couples a divorce is the only solution for an unhappy situation. If you are considering filing for divorce, make sure you understand the types of dissolutions available to you.

Obtaining a divorce involves following a certain set of procedures and rules, filing the proper papers and appearing in court. While you may or may not need an attorney to make sure every aspect of this process is done right, unless you and your spouse agree on all the issues to be decided in your divorce, like the distribution of property and custody of the children, then you will definitely want the assistance of qualified and experienced family law attorneys. The decisions made in a divorce can affect you and your family for the rest of your life. Continue reading How Long Will My Divorce Take?

Resolving Personal Property Division

property-divisionGoing through a divorce is never easy. Between custody battles, expensive fees, and splitting up valuable assets, you will have a lot to deal with if you decide to file for a divorce. The division of property might be particularly confusing if you are not sure what you or your spouse is entitled to. If you are not sure what assets you are entitled to or how to get these assets, do not panic. You can always discuss these problems with your lawyer, who can hopefully put your mind at ease.

There are several tips and steps that you should consider following if you are dividing your personal property in a divorce. This will make the process easier in the long run and help you to keep the assets that are most important to you. Continue reading Resolving Personal Property Division

Preparing for Divorce

divorceIt happens to the best of couples. People change. Life changes. Sometimes we realize that staying married is just not an option. Preparing for divorce may seem like a difficult and overwhelming task, but preparation is key to keeping your sanity and ensuring that the process goes smoothly. We understand the concerns people have when beginning the divorce process, and we make sure to help our clients thoroughly prepare for their legal journeys ahead.

Know What To Expect
If you are considering divorce, it is always a wise decision to understand what you can expect. Learning about your state’s divorce laws is helpful and understanding what other issues you may encounter is also recommended. If you have children, for instance, child custody and child support will be a significant part of the process. Continue reading Preparing for Divorce

Legal Separation or Divorce?

legal-separationA married person can obtain either a divorce or a legal separation. A divorce, sometimes referred to as a dissolution depending on the particular state you reside in, is a court action a person files to legally end his or her marriage. However, in a legal separation, the parties are still married, typically living in separate households, and cannot legally remarry.

How Legal Separation Differs From Divorce
While a divorce decree signifies that a marriage has ended, a decree of legal separation outlines the rights and obligations of a married couple who are no longer living as a traditionally married couple. The rights and obligations between legally separated spouses can include child custody agreements, child support orders, alimony, division of property, and more. Continue reading Legal Separation or Divorce?

Protect Your Children From Divorce Drama

divorceConflict that lingers between divorcing parents can hurt your children in the long run. Being successful at the job of being a divorced parent requires finding ways to deal with any contempt for or anger towards your ex, and support your children’s relationship with their other parent. It is important to learn how to manage your feelings about your spouse so you can co-parent your children effectively.

Avoid Bad Mouthing
There is simply no reason to trash the other parent or his extended family in front of your children. Bad mouthing usually serves only to ratchet up negative feelings.

Avoid Having A Negative Attitude
Kids can feel conflict in the air, whether or not it is spoken. If you simply cannot tolerate the sight of your ex without eye-rolling, snarky comments, or menacing gestures, refrain from being in that person’s company in front of your children. Continue reading Protect Your Children From Divorce Drama