Foreclosure Defense

Foreclosure Defense CTYou tried to get the bank person on the other side of the phone to listen.

They asked you to send in the same information half a dozen times. They promised they would process your request.

But, then they said, “no”, or they said nothing at all. And there it is, on your door step: a lawsuit.

They have gone to court and are asking to take your home. Most people tend to give up at that point.

Many people do not realize they have the right to a legal defense. Often enough, the fact you have hired a lawyer who will challenge the bank’s paperwork – and insist the bank proves their claim in their filings with the court – can help convince the bank they should give more thought to what you want now that you are asserting your rights in a court of law.

You have the right to fight for your home, for your castle.

You have the right to question the veracity of the claims in the paperwork submitted to the court by the bank’s lawyers.

You have the right to a full and complete defense. Maybe those extra months will allow you to get back on your feet enough to now qualify for that program they have told you twice you will not get approved for.

Or maybe you end up with a calm and negotiated move from your home, without the immediate worry that you and your things will be put on the curb before you are ready.

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