Immigration Law

Immigration Lawyer CTNavigating the complex and ever changing area of U.S. Immigration Law demands experience and careful attention throughout all stages of the immigration application process. At The Law Offices of Dominick Rendina we offer individualized, experienced and diligent guidance to each client’s immigration needs. Whether you are immigrating through a family member to obtain lawful permanent residence (green card), immigrating with the help of your employer or require any other immigration assistance, we are prepared to support you with your particular needs in an intelligent and compassionate manner. When planning your immigration goals, keep in mind that the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) approaches each application on a case by case basis and therefore requires a firm that can provide the necessary understanding of how the USCIS and their affiliated agencies interpret the facts of each case to help minimize any delay in the visa process.

Citizenship and Naturalization
Labor Certification (PERM)
Permanent Visas – Employment-Based Visa
Permanent Visas – Family-Based and Visa Lottery
Temporary Workers l Temporary Visitors
Temporary Protected Status l Victims of Crimes or Domestic Violence

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